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I have felt the need to create this set of goddess works for some time. I am creating images of the goddess to bring attention to the sacred feminine and also as a spiritual practice. I use art to manifest things in my life, to pull in energy and to deepen my connection with spirit. 

My vision is to make 10 pieces in total. Each of a different goddess using mixed media mosaics. I am documenting every step with video, blog and photos. My hope is that people can see my process and all the magick and symbolism that is put into it. In a way, each piece is also an art performance. 

Every layer is prayed over. Laying down tiny pieces is like a meditation. I am also employing chants, sacred oils, incense and symbols. I am making suitable offerings to the goddess I am working on and as I create them I will continue to “feed” the others with candles, prayers and offerings. I expect to be changed by this and I am documenting my life as well as my process as I go along. 

The pieces will all be touchable so that they are interactive. I envision the future owners of the piece using it as an altar piece. 

This particular set is a further development of my previous works. I have been fascinated and in love with the goddesses from around the world my whole life. Especially the dark goddesses. 

These works will add to the choir of artists that are making scared, intentional art. It also harkens to the tradition of ceremonial magicians by being both a work of art and a magickal talisman. 

I am a big fan of renaissance art. Mosaics have been around forever. I am using the golden ratio and composition styles from that era. 

I am very much inspired by Alex and Allison Grey, the artists of Damanhur, the mosaics I saw in Pompeii and Leonardo Davinci. 

My prayer is that these works will bring luck and a deeper connection to each spirit portrayed. My intention is to bring back the old goddesses by creating beautiful and powerful images of them. 


I am a Ceremonial Magician, Witch and goth mom. I live in Phoenix Arizona with my son, my friend Steve and my two beloved Akitas, Boo and Kimiko. 


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